Coolar was named as a Global Innovator by Expo 2020 Dubai’s Expo Live programme. After competing in two written application rounds, as well as a final pitch in front of a jury of UN representatives, Expo 2020 management and leading UAE business executives, Coolar won the support of Expo’s Innovation Impact Grant Programme. Global Innovators were selected amongst 70 projects from 42 countries, making them the top three percent out of a total of 2300 applications of innovation projects from 136 countries.

With the support of Expo Live, Coolar will demonstrate its electricity-independent refrigerator in the field and seek a first pilot project with a partner facilitiy in an off-grid developing region of the Global South. There important substances such as life-saving vaccines are currently damaged in 75% of all cases due to inappropriate or unavailable cooling resulting from unreliable electricity supply. Access to reliable cooling can prevent billions in losses each year and contribute significantly to the development of underserved communities. Coolar’s technology can leverage abundant heat from the sun to warm up water and directly power a 100% water-based sorption cooling process to provide electricity-free cooling, without any harmful substances, emissions, or failure-prone and short-lived electronic components or batteries.
As Expo 2020 Vice President and head of Expo Live Yousuf Caires puts it: “Coolar’s ability to turn the problem into the solution demonstrates creativity and ingenuity, which is what we stand for at Expo 2020 Dubai. This environmentally-friendly technology has the potential to benefit both developing and developed countries.”

Successful completion of the project can also lead to being featured during Expo 2020 in Dubai. After having given keynote speech on sustainable cooling technologies at the topic-focused Expo 2017 in Astana,  this in-road to a World Expo marks an even greater chance to promote Coolar’s green cooling technology.
World Expos have a long history of introducing cutting edge technologies and innovations to a global audience. Solutions presented in Dubai will be able to count themselves as part of a long history of World Expo innovation showcases, including the telephone, television, or the first touch screen.

Links to Expo 2020 Dubai press release & video:

English: “German solar-powered refrigerator for life-saving vaccins to amplify impact, backed by Expo 2020 Dubai”

German: “Solarbetriebener Kühlschrank aus Deutschland für lebensrettende Impfstoffe erhält Unterstützung durch die Expo 2020 Dubai”

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