Off-Grid Experts Award nominates Coolar for best new product 2015

Coolar was nominated for the best new product during the Off-Grid Expert Awards 2015 held in Memmingen in line with the Off-Grid Experts Workshop last week.
Previous to the award ceremony, Coolar co-founders Christoph Göller and Kilian Mähne attended the two-day workshop and met with various professionals working on solar technology, energy storage and micro-grids for remote off-grid applications that took an interest in Coolar’s technology.
“This conference brings together an audience that is highly skilled experiened regarding everything off-grid and particularly in solar technology. These were valuable two days for Coolar, the positive feedback from such an experienced audience encourages us to keep moving forward.” remarked Kilian Mähne, co-founder and responsible for mechanical engineering at Coolar.

Watch the video with all contenders for the Off-Grid Experts Award’s best product category below:

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