Earlier this year, Coolar and its founder, Julia Romer, were recognised as the winner of “The Venture Germany.” This allows us the opportunity to compete in the global finals, where USD 1 million will be awarded to social enterprises from 27 countries.

Coolar is developing an electricity independent, zero emission and highly durable refrigerator to solve the problem of unreliable cooling for lifesaving vaccines and medicine in remote regions. Since heat is a ubiquitous resource in most southern developing regions there are no additional running costs and the process is close to carbon neutral. Coolar’s cooling concept uses neither hazardous cooling fluids or lubricants nor short-lived batteries. This is what makes Coolar’s cooling invention a sustainable and green solution.

The team is now rallying public support to vote for Coolar every week from May 9th to June 13th in order to win a place in the a worldwide competition’s final in New York City. The Venture offers the chance to not only win funding, but also valuable coaching from experts who facilitate the growth of social entrepreneurs.

The public vote is extremely important and will help Coolar to continue their journey in producing life-saving, electricity-free medical refrigerators. We hope you take a moment and Vote for Coolar! More information and the online voting can be found here: https://www.theventure.com/global/en/finalists/coolar

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